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I asked a series of questions and had them tell me who they thought it was talking about.
Who am I?
1. A prophet came to him when he was young and told him of records engraved on metal plates that he had hidden in a hill. The prophet told him that he was to go to the hill when he was older and obtain the plates (see Mormon 1:1-3; Joseph Smith-History 1: 33-35,42)2.  In his hid teens, he was visited of the Lord (see Mormon 1:15; Joseph Smith-History 1: 17)3.  He tried to share part of what he learned, but the people hardened their hearts (see Mormon 1:16; Joseph Smith-History 1:21-22)4.  He was in his early twenties when he received the plates (see Mormon 1:3; 2 :16-17; Joseph Smith-History 1: 59)5.  He was large in stature (See Mormon 2:1; Church History in the Fulness of Times [Religion 341-43 student manual, 1993],49)6. He had the same name as his father (see Mormon 1:5; Joseph Smith-History 1:4)7.  The people in his time lived in a state of apostasy (See Mormon1:1; Joseph Smith-History 1:18-19)8.  He led his people as a military leader, prophet and record keeper (See Mormon 2:2; D&C 43:1-5; Church History in the Fulness of Times,223)9.  He was forced by his enemies to leave his home and move with his people from city to city (See Mormon 2: 4-6, 5: 19-20, 5: 6-7; D&C 124 heading; Joseph Smith –History 1:61)10.  His enemies finally succeeded in killing him (see Mormon 8:3; D&C 135:4)
These statements describe not only the Prophet Joseph Smith but also Mormon.  Mormon abridged most of the records in the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon.
This is what they came up with: (the numbers above correlate with the question asked in order)

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