Ideas for the Center Place of Zion

By Bonnie Bair Bonnie Bair:
Doing Lesson 61:”The Center of Place of Zion” lesson tomorrow and need some tips on things you’ve done to teach it. Drawing a blank! Thanks!
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Wendi Gunn: I divided my class of 24 (plus 5 extras from another class) into 4 groups. I had posted signs on the walls with Kirtland on one and Independence on the other. Two groups were called to settle in Independence and 2 groups stayed in Kirtland. I gave each group a sheet to represent their “tent” and they spread out their sheet and sat on it with their scriptures. I them talked about tents like the lesson suggests… then gave each group one of the scriptures blocks in the lesson to study and present to the class. Then someone from each “camp” read what the saints in that area were doing to help establish Zion. We ended by talking about 97:21 Zion is the pure in heart. (2 hours ago) 2

Brad Brewer: I taught this lesson this morning. As I teach 10 juniors, I didn’t do the signs with Kirkland and Independence and have the class move. I did print out the long readings by Elder Christofferson and Bishop McMullen and had the class read these. Use the Institute manual to describe the condition of the saints in Missouri. We discussed the political problems and the saints unrighteousness. That was 2 strikes not one causing the other. Also talked about Zion and conditions when it is finally settled. The poignant points came when we discussed the tar and feathering of Bishop Partridge and the poisoning of Joseph and loosing some of his hair. Read More

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