Ideas for D&C 53

By Cheryl Elliott Belnap
Cheryl Elliott Belnap:
I haven’t shared anything in a while- today’s lesson was pretty good. We were in D&C 57. We started out reading silently the first 3 verses and discovered that the temple is in the center place of Zion. Then I had them all go up individually and write one thing about the temple on the board and they couldn’t write what someone else wrote. Before class,I wrote abbreviations of gospel references – FTSOY(For the Strength of Youth), PP(Personal Progress), PMG(Preach My Gospel), DTG(duty to God), GP(Gospel Principles), MM(Mormon message), SCR(scriptures) LDS.ORG- on individually wrapped candy. Each student picked a candy and were to search their reference for something to share about the temple. I gave the kids a few minutes to research and then we shared.
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