I Think The World Is Glorious

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I am so over winter and ready for spring to be here already. Although, I have to admit it was beautiful watching the snow fall today during the snowstorm.  Anywhooooo, with a bad case of spring fever as well as this month’s Primary theme being “The Earth Was Created for Heavenly Father’s Children”, the song “I Think the World is Glorious”  is a fun one to bring out (albeit, I’m probably a bit late in posting it for February’s theme—but spring is coming soon, I hope.) This is also a great song for the topic of gratitude and thankfulness.
A FUN way to sing this song is to divide your Primary up into four groups and when you get to the part “I sing, and sing, and sing, and sing” assign each group to sing and hold the “I sing” or “and sing” parts. To get a little more movement into it, have them stand when it is their part to sing. They continue standing until the last “and sing” is done then they all sit down. Repeat on the next group of “sing” words.  It really is beautiful hearing them harmonize. I’ve color-coded the “sing” words on the flip chart. This makes it easier to assign each group the color they sing on. It is always FUN to challenge them to see if they can hold their note out without taking a breath. Make sure the kids listen to themselves as they harmonize together. It always makes them feel so Mo-Tab like (the vernacular for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir around here.)

Another way to do it is to have them sing that phrase together but this time they all STAND UP on their tippy toes on “I sing” and then they lower their body a little on each “and sing” until they are sitting back down in their seats or crouching down close to the floor on the last one depending on your preference on the position you want them to end up in.

A little something else that you could add to the mix for the first verse is to split into a secondary group of teachers, boys and girls and assign each group to sing one of the two word sets of “The birds—and bees—and blossoms” and then all three groups would finish the phrase together “bring sweet messages to me.”  Oh my, I guess technically this would be the primary or first group set not the secondary since this part would actually come before the “I sing” part. For the second verse you could just have two groups having the teachers sing “For I have teachers kind and true” and then the children sing “and parents who love me.”

I’ve attached the Scribd link to my flip chart. Try the song if you haven’t. It is just a fun and happy song.

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