I Know_______ Because________

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As we are in the final weeks of our Book of Mormon study, I have my students write the following in their journals and then fill in the blanks.

I Know_________________   Because___________________

I challenge them to write something they know or have learned or felt as they studied the Book of Mormon this school year and then write WHY they know/feel that way. It was difficult for some of them at first. At first, I had to give several examples or prompts.
With the recent experience of welcoming the Ft Lauderdale Temple to our area, I have tried to connect many of their experiences with feeling the to our study of the Book of Mormon,  feeling the spirit, gaining a testimony of Prophets, Apostles, obedience, faith, etc.
(example…how did you feel when Elder Holland came to speak to our youth at the Ft Lauderdale Temple Cultural Celebration rehearsal?  Why do you think you felt that way? What do you know or what did you feel because of that experience? What is different in your life because of attending the Temple Dedication? etc.)

Something I have found very helpful is to show Mormon Messages from lds.org with “regular-ordinary-every-day” people sharing their testimonies of the gospel. I usually share one of these at the beginning of class so it gets them thinking and I close the class with a short video clip from one or the latter-day Prophets or Apostles.

HERE is a fun Mormon Message that helps the students realize that everyone from every walk of life has the opportunity to hear and live the gospel.

I can’t believe the year is winding down. I LOVE the Book of Mormon!

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