Hurtful scenarios

By Cathy Borchardt
Cathy Borchardt:
#D&C 64
I gave out 3×5 cards with different hurtful scenarios on them. Someone photoshops your face onto a nasty picture and circulates it through high school. Someone beats up your little brother. Someone tells lies about your dad and he gets fired. Someone ransacks your house and steals basically everything. Someone publicly humiliates you. Someone criticizes your mom and you hear them. etc etc. I have 18 kids so it was alot but they numbered their pages 1-18 and then started the cards going-1 min. per card. Write what you would do. At the end of that I said ok-give me some of the words on your list. GREAT words!! all involving revenge or lashing out. Then we looked at D&C 64-compassion, mercy and forgiveness and how we need to get to that point. They talked about time being the key. Stay in control and try to see the other person’s point of view and try to ask for Charity from Heavenly Father etc…We ended spending 2 days because it was just such a good conversation!
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