How to Organize Seminary Stuff?

By Khipi Parker

I am looking for ideas on organizing the paperwork that goes along with Seminary. Do you keep copies of handouts or other printed items for your lessons. What about notes? How do you organize yourself as a Seminary teacher?
I use the largest binders I can find with plastic sleeves for each lesson. I put in the on-line lesson and any other things that I find that are pertinant to that lesson. I also put games that I make, handouts that I use and sometimes talks from the General Authorities or articles from the Ensign and New Era. Right now I have 3 four inch binders for BoM, and am working on adding another one for D&C. I also write notes or use stickies to let me know I have a DVD, or poster or what worked for the class or what didn’t work.
this is what my BoM shelf looks like. By the end of the school year. I expect to have at least three if not 4 binders for D&C.
I keep all my “stuff” on a memory stick. Trying to simplify my life! I have entirely too much “stuff” !!!
I spent the entire summer purging my office to get it down to this. I’m not so great with the memory stick thing yet…
All of my handouts are digitized (Word, PDF, Illustrator or InDesign files) and organized in files in my computer. I have a small 4″ file box for paper items, like daily attendance and sign up sheets, but I am very choosy what I keep. Paper files are not my friend.

I think if I teach D&C again it will never be the same lesson, so I can cull what I need from those files for those students.

Also. I backup daily to a hard drive and the cloud.

I have a file box for the basics….Files included are..ATTENDANCE paper copy of roll (since the kids sign themselves in–once they are put onto the church site, I file), IDEAS , PAST LESSONS. The majority of my ideas are written at the top of the hardcopy lesson manual (so i don’t get confused as to when to use what) and where to find them when I need them (downloaded and put onto my computer) Hope this helps.
I’ve been teaching for a while now, and I’ve learned that the saving lessons becomes a huge space waster. I never return to my old lessons. Instead, I put notes in the margins of my scriptures or in my own personal journal when I am really impressed. Every time I teach a new year, I create all new lessons because I have new kids who have their own needs and testimonies. In addition, my knowledge of the scriptures has grown since the four years I taught a set of scripture last. So, don’t save them. Hold on to the things that meant the most to you and just let go of the rest. You’re becoming your own scripture library, trust me!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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