How To: Make Coloring-Book-Style Flipcharts From Clipart

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I’ve had lots of comments lately asking if I would make black and white versions of my flipcharts to help y’all save money on printer ink.  Unfortunately, since I’m still only working in MS Paint, that would be a HUGE project for me at the moment. Instead, I thought I’d share with you a couple of the tricks I’ve used in the past for making coloring-book style pages from color clipart.  I’m not a techie by any means, so if you have a better idea, please share!

1.  Pull up the image you want and size it.  Turn the brightness on your screen to its maximum setting and turn down the lights in the room if necessary.  
2.  Tape a piece of paper to the monitor and trace it.  Use pencil!
3.  If your image is too big, do it in pieces.  Trace the top left corner, remove the tape, scroll down, re-tape, etc.
4.  Go over your pencil lines with a sharpie marker.


1.  Right click on the picture you want to use and save it to your hard drive.2.  Find an online photo-editing program with a coloring-book or pencil-drawing filter.  The instructions below are for ribbet.com3.  Click”Edit a Photo” and upload the image.  Select Edit (top center).

4.  Click “Effects” from the white toolbar at the top of the image.  Scroll down until you see the “Pencil Sketch” option.  Click on it.

5.  Play with the options until you get the best result.


1.  Right click on the picture you want to use.  Copy and paste into a Word Document.  

 2.  Select the image, then click on “Format Picture”
3.  Under “Transparency,” slide the bar to the right until you can barely see the image.

4.  Print.  Trace outline with a Sharpie marker and color.

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