How To Make A Liahona

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My son took the challenge! He heard me wondering out loud how I might be able to make a Liahona. While I was at work, he found plenty of supplies around the house. He spent a week putting it all together, surprising me with in time for our seminary kick off meeting!  I am thrilled with the results!

A teapot that was given to us that we never used. I think it was to hold a candle.
He cut off the handle and spoutTook apart a cheap $2.00 clockcut out a pair of spindles from tongue depressorsGlued the spindles onto the clock handsSpray painted it gold. Then after looking on the computer for Hebrew translation of Faith and obedience on the two spindles. Service (and I don’t recall what the others were on the round face part)Rememeber  the Liahona would only work if they had the Faith and obeyed the commandments of the LordHe placed a large wooden post in the center where the candle would have gone, securing it with candle stick adhesive. 

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