How Often Does Your Seminary Class Meet

By Jenny Smith Jenny Smith:
Because I’m curious: How many days does your Seminary meet each year?

I calendared for 144 (132 class days and 12 flex days — 4 flex days for March Madness plus 8 other days) last year. We usually loose 5-8 days for snow, though last year we lost 27, and so I think I only taught about 115 days, but the other two years it was right around 140.
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Sharon Prescott Haynie: I will have 67 days for the first semester and probably about the same for the 2nd. I am on a 4 day week, so no flex days. I do schedule 1 day a month devoted to Scripture Mastery, we play a big game or have a big activity. I’m getting pretty good at combining lessons to fit. (1 day ago)

Barbara Coy Jensen: Our stake told us this year that we should have seminary on every school day. 180! (1 day ago) 2

Teena Williamson Williams: We teach 4 days a week, and do Scripture Mastery activities on Fridays. Not sure how many teaching days that means, but we will cover all the lessons, and the entire Doctrine and Covenants. (1 day ago)

April Jensen Hopkin: 173 days unless school is cancelled (1 day ago)

Priscilla Presnell: 180 days (1 day ago)

Donna Maynard Herring: We have 171 days scheduled. Yes, we are suppose to have seminary every day we have school. Some people’s schooling over here in my state can be anywhere from 160 to Read More

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