How long does your seminary class run?

By Shauna Hostetler Shauna Hostetler:
For early morning (or evening-not released time) teachers: How many minutes do you meet each morning? What is your start and end time? How long do you take for devotional? What is the average time for the actual lesson? How much time to do you spend on SM each day/week? Do you meet 5 days? Do you meet every day school is in sesson?
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Debbie Reynolds: We meet from 6-6:50 am every morning. Only have off when school is not in session. The class president welcomes class, we sing a hymn, opening prayer. Devotionals range from 1-2 min to 5 min depending on the student. We try to do SM every day. I usually have 35-40 min for my lessons. So far, it’s working out well. (4 days ago) 5

Shelice Murphy: we meet for 50 mins-6:40-7:30. Opening (song, prayer, devo) usually takes about 7 mins. I usually have 40ish mins for lesson. We meet M-F every day our school district is in session (we have 4 hs’ sbut just one district) (4 days ago)

Josh Donat: Our stake has two options (both 50 minutes long): 6 until 6:50 or 7:10 until 8.

In our part of Texas, it’s common for student activities – particularly athletics – to hold workouts/practices in the morning at 7 a.m. School doesn’t start until about 9, and they get out of class around 4.

Surprisingly, we only have one building (out of six) with 7 o’clock classes. In that building we have some 60 students doing the late option, and just 20 taking the early class.

We meet every day we have school, except for our one monthly inservice Read More

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