How do you do a Turkey Shoot?

By Ricki Martin Ricki Martin:
I know several of you have done Scripture mastery games using Nerf dart guns. Some called it a turkey shoot etc. I’m wanting to do this on Wednesday in my class but I’m a little fuzzy about the logistics and how the rules work. Can anybody help me out? My brain is tired!
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Sharon Prescott Haynie: I bought some paper plates with a turkey on them and assigned them each a point value. 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10. Only one plate had a ten, the rest got divided up. Then I taped them to the wall and had the kids stand behind a piece of tape on the floor. Divide them up into teams and then chase the scripture. When someone from each team has found the scripture, they take the guns and shoot at the targets. Have someone watch to see what plate was hit so you can award the points. Add up the points and give the winner a prize. (2 hours ago)

Ricki Martin: Sharon Prescott Haynie thanks that helps a lot. I’m still confused about one part-too much on my brain right now-do I have more than one gun? Once a team gets the scripture is it just the first team
To find it shoots? Or does everyone get a chance, they get to shoot as soon as they find it so the faster you are the more points you get?? And when does the shooting stop? (1 hour ago)

Darcie Johnson Mangum: Just write the references on turkeys and place them around the room. Call out a clue, and 2 shooters (one from each team) go Read More

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