How Can I Help You?

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I love this blog.  I have so much fun posting ideas (sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately…the class I’m taking right now is KILLING me!), getting emails and comments from you, and helping where I can.  I have a few posts in the queue, but I thought I would just ask the general question…

“How can I help you?”

What are you struggling with?  Is there a question about the calling that you can’t find the answer to?  Are you just burned out and need some inspiration?  Schedules?  Games?  Presidencies?  Props?  Specific songs?  Do you want a flipchart for something?  Something printable to make your life easier?  More than anything, I want this blog to actually be helpful.  So PLEASE leave a comment and I’ll work on some posts that will hopefully be helpful to you.  I promise – if you’re wondering about something, someone else is too!  So, let me know how I can help!  I love you guys!

Ok, folks…I have gotten a great response from this post!  I have gotten lots of comments and emails, and I’ve formed a list of posts that I’m currently working on to address your questions.  Here is what I’ve come up with.  Of course, if you think of something else make sure to let me know!  This list can get longer, trust me!  So stay tuned over the next few days and weeks!

-How to make an effective flip chart
-Flip chart for “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”
-Singing Time Routine – how to structure a successful singing time (this will include several posts)
               -Using games
               -What to do, when, and for how long
               -Filling time
               -Going into nursery
               -how much time on new songs
-Keeping the kids interested – especially Juniors!  And what to do if you’re losing them
-Motivation – yours and theirs.  Getting over the “hump” and re-energizing.
-Reusable printables and moving away from flip charts (hey, some people like them, others don’t)
-How to teach a song
-Planning ahead
-Ideas for teaching Books in the Bible/Book of Mormon, Prophets, and AofF songs
-Ideas for teaching “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”

Do you see something that might help you?  I hope so!  My gears are in overdrive over here, and I’m excited to share a few things with you!

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