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Picture Hello Friends. I Need Your Help.

 As you know, the 25 Doctrine and Covenants scripture masteries have also changed significantly. Because of those changes I want to ask for your creative help in figuring out new mnemonics to help students learn the references from the key words.

 Good scripture mastery mnemonics have some common characteristics.  There is something in the key words, that could spark and idea or image that helps you remember the reference.  For instance, with “The Aaronic Priesthood Was Restored –D&C 13:1” I have the mnemonic “A worthy young man cannot receive the Aaronic Priesthood till his 13th year of life begins. That should be a #1 priority for a young man.” So in a student’s mind, when he hears “Aaronic Priesthood, he immediately can associate it with 13:1

 So I would appreciate any help.  Here is the list where I am really struggling with trying to figure out a powerful mnemonic: 
D&C 1: 37-38 Jesus Christ’s words shall all be fulfilled.    
D&C 6:36 Look unto Christ in every thought   
D&C 19:23 Learn of the Savior and listen to his words.      
D&C 46:33 Practice virtue and holiness continually     
D&C 64:9-11 We should forgive all men.
D&C 76:40-41 Jesus Christ was crucified and bore our sins.
D&C 78:19 Receive all things with thankfulness 
D&C 107:8 The Melchizedek Priesthood administers in spiritual things. 
D&C 121:36, 41-42 the Principles of righteousness give power to the priesthood.

 Click on the link and you can see what I have so far.  Or click on the picture. I have put in RED text where I am most stumped.  

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