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FIRST – Create a Game Board. Either on posterboard, on the chalkboard, or with “spaces” on the ground.  The Game Board ends at a picture of a Temple.

SECOND – Create the Game Pieces. Either with paper/cardboard that can be taped and moved around a posterboard or chalkboard, or use children as game pieces (put hats on them so they know who they are in the Game).

NOW, PLAY! – The end goal of the game is to the get the whole family to the Temple, where they can be Sealed and become an Eternal Family.

—> Start Game Pieces at the beginning of the game board. Go in a preset order (ie, Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother… repeat). Choose a child to roll a die. Move game piece to that spot. That spot may have a question on it. Child who rolled the die must answer the question for the game piece to get that spot. If no question, game piece can stay for free. Sing, and choose child trying their best to be the next die roller.


*Questions can be Temple Prep questions or questions specific to the song. Make up some appropriate questions.

QUESTIONS based on Families Can Be Together Forever:
Who has a family here on Earth? (I do!)
How long is Eternity? (A long, long time)
How long can Families be together for? (For all Eternity).

Families can be together forever, through who’s plan? (Heavenly Father’s)
Who’s family do you want to be with for all Eternity? (My own.)
Who has showed you how you can get married in the Temple? (The Lord)

When can you start preparing to go to the Temple? (Right now! While I am in my early years.)
How can you prepare to be in an Eternal Family? (Make good choices every day.)
Can just anybody get married in the Temple? (No, They have to be worthy.)
When you get married in the Temple how long are you married for? (For Eternity… Forever!)



  • My kids liked the game.
  • I just drew squares on the board. Easy gameboard set up. And then moved the pieces with magnets.
  • It’s an easy game that I can repeat again, and probably will. Perhaps with a twist. Or not.

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