Help my class though the winter “blahs”

By Elaine Lowham Wakley
Elaine Lowham Wakley:
Oh wise teachers, I need your amazing ideas. I live in Michigan, and I need ideas to help my class though the winter “blahs” in January, February and March. In the past, I’ve used seminary bucks leading to a late-March auction. My class doesn’t seem to like auctions (we’ve tried several versions–all were a bust). What successful activities have you used to help your classes through the cold, dark winter months? #winterblahs
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Myrna Whitworth: Follow (1 hour ago)

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Karen E Heil: lot’s of lessons made into activities! I’ve seen a few fun ones on here (who wants to be a millionaire, scattergories, etc) (1 hour ago) 1

Sharon Prescott Haynie: Someone had an idea about using the Divergent books as an activity for becoming a “Zion” people. I am thinking about doing that. (1 hour ago)

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