Help for D&C 84

I am teaching #dandc84 tomorrow and I have 10 girls and 2 boys in my class so with the teachings about the priesthood and the responsibilities associated I would also like to include a bit about sustaining the priesthood. I remember a fairly recent conference talk where an apostle shared a story about how much influence his girlfriend, now wife, had on him serving a mission. Does anyone know which talk I am thinking of? I am not sure how to do an effective search on that since I do not remember who it was that talked about it.
That is it, thank you!
The talk referenced by Elder Oaks is also on
We did the umbrella analogy. I brought a big umbrella and had a boy hold the handle and then we fit as many girls and boys as we could under the umbrella. We talked about how the Priesthood covers everyone...the boys/men just happen to be the ones asked to the hold the handle. The girls and the boys really related to this analogy. They kept taking about it and brought it up again when we did a review...(I can't take credit for this I read it somewhere online)
I really love that analogy, thanks so much, I am using it, I even have a really big umbrella!
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