Heads Up

I just had a great idea for a SM game! My students love playing a game on their phones called "Heads Up". I just figured out that you can create customisable decks, so I created a deck with the SM references on them. It tests SM both ways - one student (or more) needs to be able to describe the SM from the reference, while the other, holding the phone to their head, needs to be able to guess the reference from the description.
Great idea! Love this game!
I can't wait to surprise my students with it tomorrow!
So where do you find yours or do we have to do all ourselves! ?
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Cool----can you provide technical assisstance
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We LOVE that game. I never even thought about making my own SM deck! Thanks :)
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NICE!!!!!!! Great idea, thanks for the tip.
Uhh, little miss tech challenged here...is it an app for your phone?
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Yes!! I love this game and have it. Can't wait to do this!
Just buy the phone app called "Heads Up", then get the in-app purchase to design your own deck. Once you have that it is really easy, choose the 'design your own deck', type in the SM references in at a time, choose a picture for your deck if you like, and you're done! It cost me 79p to buy the app and 79p for the in-app purchase - UK (I believe it is 99c each USA)
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ok thanks!
Apple Store UK link: Heads Up! by Warner Bros. appsto.re/gb/rq0kL.i
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How fun! Thanks for the idea!
I don't love to purchase apps, but my kids just may "wake up" for this one! Buying And making! Thanks!!? : )
I LOVE this idea!
Thank you for sharing this!!
ha! I have 2 kids out of 25 in the class with smart phones. some of my kids have no phone & no computer.
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Nanette Rasband Hilton, you only need it on your own phone to use in class. One phone with the game set up on it will work for the whole group.
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i love this idea but i cannot find how to buy the make-it-yourself part. please help
Kathleen Stancliffe, open the app and scroll down. In the section titled "More Decks" you will find one called "Build Your Own Deck." When you click on it, it will ask you for your apple ID/password.
thanks Jeanne Gilmore Merrell, but there is not one titled that - i guess my problem may be i don't have an iphone? i downloaded the app and it gave me 35 games but nothing anywhere says "build your own deck" ;(
We've played something similar - not an app but a real game called Hedbandz - get a partner and put a SM card up on your forehead and ask questions til you guess which one it is. Fun and easy!
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Thanks RaNae Shoaf
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Nannette, you're very fortunate. All 30 of my students have smart phones. We had to ban electronic devices from seminary because of constant texting and game playing.
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@ Jim yes, my kids loose 'breakfast points' for the whole class if they have their phones out during class--peer pressure to keep the few who are addicted to their phones focused. I don't allow any electronics in class--only printed scriptures.

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