He Sent His Son Jeopardy!

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Play He Sent His Song Jeopardy!

  1. Divide the Primary into teams
  2. Invite two kids up to the buzzers
  3. Determine a category chooser (I used the picking sticks to give another child a chance to help).
  4. Choose category.
  5. Ask question
  6. First to buzz gets chance to answer. If they don’t get it, the other player gets a chance to answer.
  7. Give points to the team of whoever got it right, then sing that Q+A phrase. 
  8. Repeat

I intended to write the name of the song on the board next to the game title. It didn’t happen – but was a good thought.Laminated pieces. The categories and questions are taped on and can be removed for future use.
Categories and Questions specifically for He Sent His Son:


  • How could the Father TELL the world of love and tenderness?
  • How could the Father TELL the world of sacrifice and death?
  • TELL us what this whole song means [that Jesus lived and died for us!]. (sing last phrase)


  • How could the Father SHOW the world the pathway we should go?
  • SHOW us all of the actions we learned for this song. [In JR: SHOW us your favorite action we learned for this song.]  (Sing the whole song with the actions)
  • SHOW us where Jesus’ hands were pierced when he hung on the cross. (sing the “of sacrifice, of death” Q+A phrase)


  • What does the Father ASK of us? What do the scriptures say?
  • What does he ASK?
  • Who did Heavenly Father ASK to bear the sins of all Mankind [Jesus]. (sing the “pathway we should go” Q+A phrase)

*The first 2 questions are taken straight out of the song. When those are figures out, song that Q+A phrase. The red ones are the super hard questions. They’re toughies. The part in parentheses suggests which part of the song to sing after those questions are answered.  :)
PREP:Two bells/buzzersGame title
Category titles9 category questions with point value on the back



  • As I’d expected, this activity was a little tougher in JR – but with lots and hints and help we made it through.  ;)  And SR Primary loved it. Sometimes things lean younger or older. This activity leans older, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in JR. Just gotta make it work sometimes.  :)
  • In JR I utilized my flip charts for this song (seen in this post). That helped.  :)  Visuals usually do for JR.
  • Also, everyone in the Primary found out that I can’t do math. In fact, math is nowhere near anything I studied in college. At all. DOH.

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