Halloween Scripture Mastery

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) This was a super fun activity, needed more time, but well worth doing for sure.

Fellow seminary teachers were sharing scripture mastery tombstone activities, so I tried it this year.

I printed off the tombstones, taped to black paper, used glow in the dark paint to number each one, then hid them around the gym.

using flashlights, they wandered around until they spotted a tombstone
some were hidden down low, others high, others taped to the floor

All the lights in the gym were off, so getting pictures was a bit difficult

I cannot take credit for the clever epitaphs, I came up with one worksheet and found another one online that I decided not to use…there just was not enough time for it. (if you google not on my tombstone, you should be able to find that answer sheet) Here is the one I did in excel…

This is the one I did in Word at 3 AM this morning…

I let them use their scripture mastery bookmarks since we don’t know all the SM yet.
After wards…we had treats brought in by the youth, yes, it was ALL sugar!!

Source:: Seminary Moments – Pam Mueller

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