Missionary Preparation Activity

By Gabrielle West

Gabrielle West


This month we have had a ward 40 day fast in support of missionary work as well as trying to purchase land for our growing needs. In support of that effort, I divided the kids into two even groups, Group A and Group B. They were each assigned a topic and a scenario and then were asked to find a D&C scripture to correlate with the topic, mark it in their scriptures, and be ready to share it. Group A would play the “missionary” first while Group B acted as “investigator”. Then they would switch roles, switching to new pairs for the duration of class. They were presented with these, for example:

Your friend has to make a decision about college next month. They come to you asking how you would make such an important decision.
Using your knowledge of the Doctrine and Covenants, where could you find a scripture that would help them?
SHARE a marked scripture passage about how they could find answers for themselves (D&C 9:8 for example)
TESTIFY share your own experience or bear testimony of this counsel
INVITE them to do one thing to gain experience with this principle


Your conversation on a bus with the person seated next to you began because they expressed an interest in the study of ancient languages. You shared some history about the Book of Mormon; namely that it was translated from gold plates written long ago by ancient prophets. Your friend wants to know: Was there anybody else that saw these gold plates other than Joseph Smith?
Using your knowledge of the Doctrine and Covenants, where could you find testimony of those who have seen the gold plates? (where you could find the testimony of other witnesses, for example?)
SHARE the marked scripture passages
TESTIFY share your testimony about this
INVITE them to do one thing to gain this knowledge for themselves

Firstly, it was SO great to see these kids testify to one another about the principles we’ve learned so far in D&C. Also, there were NO sleepers or zombies… they were too busy playing the role of investigator or missionary! Lastly, and the BEST part, was that some students said they hadn’t realized that missionary work was a conversation, and we concluded that there are many times, especially now when we are praying for them to happen in our ward fasting effort, that perhaps we are letting these chances go by. We learned that if we have studied and marked and learned the scriptures, we are prepared when these conversations come up. We also learned that it is vital to leave behind a challenge to the other person so that they can know for themselves about what we are teaching… it’s not missionary work without an invitation, right? As an RM, I know this is great practice for the mission field, but even better practice fore the here and now! It was a good Seminary day…

Terry Forster


LoVe, LoVe LoVe this! Just did a little impromptu missionary/investigator role play this morning concerning baptismal requirements; loved the sharing and potential for learning ‘on their feet’ that took place there, and that your idea and sharing takes this to a potentially whole new level! Have been intrigued with the idea of giving opportunity to share ‘as missionaries’ in role playing since starting to teach last year, and your idea will help us fine-tune the process and make it even more meaningful to the students! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Tiffany Whitney


Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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