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This would have been great for #dandc58 26-28. Can anyone think of another section this could apply since I am past that section? #compassion #judgement #service
This could go well with #DandC81…where we are talking about the role of the First Presidency or Stake Presidency and Bishoprics and then it talks about presidency callings throughout the ward…maybe I'm stretching it, but when these people are put into these callings, do we support them and help them with their calling? Or do we only support those that we like? We are called upon to sustain these leaders within our wards and stakes, but do we truly support them when they need us to? Also for counselors to support the Bishop and help him do his calling in the best way possible. And for any presidency to have the help they need from their counselors in helping them do their calling the best way possible…DandC81:5 "Wherefore, be faithful; stand in the office which I have appointed unto you; succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees." Thank you for posting this video…I think I will use it for this lesson.
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The conference talk, "Are We Not All Beggars" came to mind when I watched this video.
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I almost couldn't finish watching it, made me extremely sad. :(
I felt the same way!
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Susan Kendrick thank you for the idea to use this for section 81. I used it today with the last section in the lesson manual about helping the poor. I started with this video and the kids had a hard time watching it. They were whispering about why no one was helping the homeless man. Then we focused a discussion on the lesson ideas for v 4-5. We then watched . The spirit was so strong and after we talked about what our impressions were while watching the video. One student who has been really struggling commented that he felt the spirit when Elder H was testifying of the importance of helping one another and at that moment he understood why the youth were asked to participate in service projects. It was such a huge win today. A student who was struggling, felt the spirit, recognized what he was feeling and then bore testimony of that in front of the other students... Boom!

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