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Major fail today turned into an awesome discussion about scripture study. I was supposed to teach #dandc77 today, but when I got to the church, I forgot my lesson manual with all my notes. My computer was being glitchy when connected to the TV, so I couldn't just show a video to take up class. I remembered that someone on here had posted about having the students write down questions and then passed them and had someone else answer them using the scriptures. So we talked a little about the different format of 77 and what Joseph was doing when he received that revelation. Then I dug deep in my bag and found a stack of recipe cards that I carry to make notes on and passed them out. Everyone wrote a question that they thought a non-member might ask about the church. I gathered them up, let the students pair up and then passed out the cards to random people to answer. They did so good. I was so impressed with the answers they came up with. Some had really easy ones and some had goofy ones, but still came up with an answer. One question that someone wrote was, "can Mormons eat chocolate?" The person who wrote it was just trying to be silly, but it led to a great discussion on the WoW and moderation! It was a great exercise in being able to find the answer to any question in the scriptures and we finished up by listing other places to get correct answers and where NOT to go looking for answes to their questions. Today I was very thankful for all who share their ideas here!
Going by the spirit....It doesn't get better than that !!!
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It definately felt like things went wrong at the beginning to get me on the right track!
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That is a win! I wish I hadn't already covered that section, but this is a great idea to use anytime!

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