Scripture Mastery at the Gas Pump

By Shauna Hostetler

You know you are a Seminary teacher when you purchase gas and when the total shows as $82.10, in your mind you say…I the Lord am bound… Happy weekend all. #scripturemastery
ouch that’s a lot of gas! and yes, so true. Have a happy restful weekend!
Used Prius.. :)
When I first started teaching seminary gas first went up to almost $4/gallon and my annual mileage doubled. My car engine blew the Friday before our first day of class as I was taking a trial run to see if I would have enough time to get my kids to school. I had to buy another car. I am not in the poorhouse yet, although I sometimes wonder how the Lord does it!
Good One :-)!
LOL – love that! Whatever helps us memorize! That works for me….gives new meaning to the phrase “see the lesson in everything” – even when you’re putting in gas! #DC 82:10

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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