Group wall post by Sharra Dains

By Sharra Dains

#DandC29 This really woke the kids up. Half way through the lesson today, I told them that they should look under their chairs because there is money under them. Some of them found real money and some of them found play money. This caused quite a stir, so then I had the kids read verse 45: “…and they receive their wages of whom they list to obey.” It was a great opener for a discussion on the rewards promised to the righteous, and how Satan, because he is the master imitator, will promise great things, but in the end, will leave you with nothing because he really has nothing to offer. (Of course, I assured them that they are all good and can look forward to many blessings…the ones who received fake money were just victims of my object lesson.) You’d be surprised how happy a teenager can be when he/she receives a dollar! BTW, after class, I found a bunch of fake money left behind, but I didn’t find any real money. :)

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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