Group wall post by Marjean Jones Livingston

By Marjean Jones Livingston

Marjean Jones Livingston


I have searched but have come up empty on suggestions for #DC25 about Emma. I did watch both videos and will probably show them. Any feedback on what went well when you taught this one?

Vickie Green Jarvis


When I teach this section, I focus on the admonitions made to Emma to support her husband. I’ve broken my classes up into groups, and asked them to come up with the list of what they want/don’t want in a spouse (this is always an interesting exercise, especially because it has to be a “cooperative” list. Then, we talk about each others list (works best if you have multiple chalkboards/white boards in the room). Then we go through DC25 talking about what the Lord admonished Emma to do and how to support a spouse.

Amy Jones Griffeth


4 years ago I had my class make those lists – the boys made a poster and the girls made their list too – and they were so good and funny too.. I still have them.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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