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Somebody posted the idea of getting the students to Read Every Day (RED) by creating a red box and filling it with red items. If the student read the night before, then they get to choose an item out of the box.

I was at Walmart today and they had everything from Christmas 90% off! Everything pictured here costed about 10 bucks. The box was $.20. The items include candy canes, suckers, Chapstick,shower gel, fingernail polish, and lipgloss,and a doggy toy or two for kids who have a pet. Thanks to whoever posted the idea! I'm very excited to encourage the kids to read every night with this red box!
I do RED every February and it is always a hit. I have never done a prize box like this before. I'm on my way to WalMart right now!!
Have fun Lolly!!! Us Lollies enjoy this kind of fun don't we!!!
I've also done GREEN - get reading eachan every night. Thinking of doing ORANGE this year - oh read and never get .... but I can't think of a final word. Help!
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Oh Read And Nicely Goes Everything?
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Wow way to go handing stuff out every day. I only hand out my RED stuff every Friday.
I don't think it will be a daily thing...but I will pull it out once or twice a week. Keep kids on their toes
I love this idea - everyone needs a little boost after the holidays!
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Thanks for the ideas. I have just started pulling red things together and wanted something besides just candy. Looks like I'm heading to the clearance section of the store!!
I implemented this not too long after school started. I have a red bowl and I've put sticks of Big Red gum. red fireballs and a red wrapped chocolate pieces I got pretty cheaply at Costco. I also have a big tub of red licorice that I got there for maybe $8. I'm bad at remembering every morning, but I usually pass around one or the other, as I do roll and check off their reading. I honestly don't know how much it's helped, but the kids never decline the goody, and it's not costing much to do it. So far, the only think I've run out of is the gum.
Nancy Lokhorst how about empty for the final word on orange?
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I've been doing R.E.D. for three years now - weekly rewards = a gold star on a red chart and a red basket of goodies. The first year I tried for all red prizes, but gave up on that in subsequent years. My kids love it but I have one or two who just can't seem to make the whole 7 days of reading so this one month of daily reading prizes is just the thing for them - thank you! I don't have time to hit the Christmas clearance but I think pieces of Big Red gum in a red basket might work just fine.
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This is a great! We use RED vines. Maybe they would like the variety. I guess I'm heading to WalMart
Or red frogs for Aussies!
I've read every post I could find on the RED incentive, which I am going to start tomorrow. However, I would love it if someone that has done it recently, or intends to do it this month for Valentine's Day would share their ideas. Have most of you just called the kids out one by one to see if they've read and then give them a red item and do you do this at the beginning of class?

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