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Linette Teerlink


Sorry for the duplicate post. I wanted to add hashtags to my most recent post but it wont’ let me edit. I printed out lyrics for the song Learn of Me to go with D&C 19:23. Look for the document in Files “Learn of Me by Janice Kapp Perry.” You can trim it down to fit in scripture journals or as a “glue-in” for scriptures next to the verse. This song really brings this verse to life and I feel the Spirit EVERY time I listen to it. I’m going to play a YouTube video for the class to listen as they follow along reading the lyrics. The original recording is on YouTube and includes all the verses, but I think my students will enjoy the 2011 version by a couple of girls NZ. It leaves off the last two verses, but it’s still over 3 min. long). here’s the hashtags: #dandc19 #learnofme #martinharris #learnlistenwalk #janicekappperry

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Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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