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By LaRee Florence LaRee Florence:
For the lesson on ZION I taped out a rectangle on the floor and spread out numbers 1-40 on small papers. I asked for a volunteer to step on each number in sequential order while being timed. The rest of the class could not help in any way. I then asked for a second volunteer to do the same task but I invited the others to stand on the perimeter of the rectangle and point out the next number to move to. The task was markedly easier and was completed in about one fourth of the time.
Afterwards we talked about how being of one heart and one mind helps us accomplish great things and specifically as a class when we are unified in our goal to invite the spirit and learn gospel truths we will be blessed and even aided by those beyond the veil in accomplishing our righteous goals. Michelle Fluckiger , Patricia Crockett DuBray #Lesson61thecenterplaceofzion
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