Group wall post by Kristen Bradshaw Danielson

By Kristen Bradshaw Danielson
Kristen Bradshaw Danielson:
Is anyone doing a special lesson for Christmas? I was thinking of maybe doing one. I’m needing ideas.
(1 hour ago)

Becky Kerr Nuffer: The other teacher in my building is having his students write a letter to Christ this week that they will share on Friday. They will include their testimony and anything else that they want to share. My class will have an extended devotional with everyone (usually about 6) sharing their favorite story, performing a Christmas song, sharing a video, or whatever they want to give as their gift to Christ. In other years, I have had students share children’s books, play the piano, read scriptures, etc. Always very touching. It helps to have them sign up for what they think they want to do and the time it will take. (1 hour ago) 2

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