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Jenny Smith


#dandc18 Thanks to whoever suggested “Lenses“. I used it in my class yesterday and it was a great discussion. For those of you who haven’t heard of this, the idea is that you read a passage through a different set of “lenses”. I cut out some different shaped eyeglasses and wrote some different circumstances on them. I used parent, bishop, someone whose loved one has just passed, someone who did something terrible, Oliver Cowdery, yourself, a missionary, a teenager, a visiting teacher, etc. You might also use someone tired and depressed, someone newly married, or, someone who doesn’t get along with their parents.

This worked to meet my goal of having every person speak every lesson, and it really caused us to think about how personal and yet wide-reaching the atonement is. We read D&C 18:10-12 for this activity.

Julee Robinson


Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Jami Jensen



Tati Stowers



Donna Marsh


excellent idea!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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