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By Janae Clark Anderson
Janae Clark Anderson:
I did the SCRIPTURE MASTERY SCAVENGER HUNT hunt and it was a huge hit. See files above. I have 10 students so I made 2 teams. I made my own list of 30 items, brought them and had a mom spread them in the 2 foyers. I have 3 “bell hop” bells the kids love to ring so I had them all hold their scriptures up and ring the bell. This was helpful as they were so close we could actually tell who was first. I will do this again in a few months. One Sr boy had no idea what mascara was… funny.
7(2 days ago)

Wendi Gunn: I did this today as well. I took over a class about a month ago so i wasnt really sure how well they would know the SMs but i was pleasantly surprised. I even tried to stump them on ones we hadnt studied yet and they were very smart! We did a twist and i gave teams 5 extra points if someone on any team could recite the scripture. It helped teams who were slower getting there have a chance to also earn points. (2 days ago) 2

Janae Clark Anderson: great idea, I will use that next time (2 days ago)

Robyn Childers: I did it today too!!!! KIDS LOVED IT….AND it totally helped them amp up their game!!!! (2 days ago) 1

Cheryl Carlson: We have sure had fun with it as well. I’m going to try the extra points for reciting the scripture as well!!!

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