Group wall post by Janae Clark Anderson

By Janae Clark Anderson

what are your rules on electronic devices.
Our stake policy is that each student should bring a paper copy of scriptures. Since 40 percent of our missionary force will be using digital scriptures, it’s appropriate to teach the kids how to use those in seminary.

Also, we take opportunities with students to share and testify via social media. Very intriguing results.

If students are texting or are doing stuff that’s not appropriate for class, then we talk with them about appropriate behavior and escalate if needed.

The days of the cell phone basket (I used one in 2009-2011) are kind of long gone, at least for our stake….

I encourage using the notes functions on electronic scriptures. I also ask that they mark their paper scriptures as well since they do not know if they will be going to an area on their mission that uses electronics. If they use their phones for anything else during class though, they have to be put face down on their desk in front of them and they are not allowed to touch it for the rest of class.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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