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By Jackie McDonald Josephson

Jackie McDonald Josephson


D & C 33-34 Two questions that were successful this morning were:
1. If you could share anything from these chapters that might help a missionary who is serving, what would it be?
2, Refresher on the parable of the 10 virgins: List the things that represent the oil in our lamps (list on board) discuss why they are necessary in illuminating the lamp and bringing the light of the gospel to others.

L Katherine Sherman Chaney


Yeah Jackie McDonald Josephson, I think there are few of us this far along. Those sections are for tomorrow.

Julee Robinson


Thanks for sharing! We seem to be ahead of all the good ideas, but we teach this tomorrow, so this is timely!

Carolyn Daseler Scanlon


Section 34. Why does Jesus tell Orson Pratt about the second coming in the latter half of the section?

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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