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By Frisco Kovach

#dandc20 This Worked great! I told the students they had gained spiritual strength as a result of attending seminary, reading the scriptures, singing the hymns, giving devotionals, memorizing SM scripts ETC…. I shared with them that best part of getting stronger is what you can do with that strength. How you can better serve others. I told them that each Friday morning we would use 5 or 10 minutes to do Community Service. Today we wrote letters introducing ourselves and sharing some uplifting story or favorite scripture in a letter. The letters will be delivered to a local resting home. ( The Home had requested the letters because some of the residents have no family or friends who visit them ).
Today’s lesson was on the Aaronic priesthood duties. Priestood SERVICE being the subject for us. I told my students that Yes, you go to seminary for 4 years and it prepares you for your life’s work, but that we can begin now to see how great it feels to use your spiritual strength in service to others.
Thanks, Frisco Kovach!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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