Group wall post by Courtney Allsop Christensen

By Courtney Allsop Christensen

Teaching idea for D&C 38:1-16 (lesson 42). While talking about what made it easier to obey the Commandments I had each of the students look on their scripture mastery card (that lists all 100 of them) and find any scripture mastery scripture that would help them obey the commandments. It was fun to see which ones they used. This was also a way for them to see how important or applicable these scriptures are to their lives.
Really like this idea. Think I’ll borrow it. Thanks
love this!! Courtney Allsop Christensen will you please edit your post and tag it #DandC38 – thank you!!
Yay, someone who is on the same lesson we are! Any good ideas for the next lesson, the rest of the section??

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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