Group wall post by Cheryl Elliott Belnap

By Cheryl Elliott Belnap

Run forest run was a game that was posted at the end of last year (May?) does anyone know how to play this or where to look for the post? Thanks!
my classes have played this for years. First of all you’ll need to type up the references – I usually set up 2 columns and fit all 25 on one sheet of paper – you’ll want it at about an 18 size font – big enough but not too big. Print that sheet up 20 times or more. Cut the slips up and fold them up or crinkle them a little. Now to play – dump those slips on the floor or on a table at the end of a nearby hallway or in the foyer or somewhere a little ways off– you could also play this in the gym where the slips are on one side and the kids on the other (but there’s got to be some running hence the title) Break your class into at least 2 teams, I like to use 3 teams. You give the teams a clue – key words, doctrine taught, history – etc. they look for the scripture in their book, when everybody in a team has found it they can send their runner (we make a rule that only one person per team can leave the room – because it can get crazy. The runners run to the slips and dig and search for the right reference. In the front of the room you’ve set up a chair for each team and you designate the chairs as 1st place, 2nd and 3rd..I use post-it notes – and I right the point value for the chair – so the first one back will sit in the highest value chair – and that’s the points the team receives for that round. You can play shut out and have one less chair than teams so somebody always gets zero but I don’t usually do that with this game. As the game progresses I sometimes switch the post-it notes so if they’re not paying attention the last one back might end up with the highest points. If you work fast you can get through all 25 in one day. It’s a good game to practice turning to the right scripture and knowing the references and key words… but it’s not a good game for working on the deeper meaning, etc. The kids LOVE it and beg me to play it! I haven’t played it yet this year – but maybe soon.
Thank you Amy Jones Griffeth!!!
my sons love to set the game up for me – they make big obstacles around the slips – or they put the slips way far away – now this bugs me because the purpose is to practice searching the scriptures more than struggling to get the slips – so don’t put the slips too far away… and this year will be a big challenge because we have many sections with two scripture masteries so when they’re looking for the sliips they’ll have to pay close attention to the verses… if they come back with the wrong slip they have to run back and look again… adding to the suspense and fun.
oh and I keep all the slips in a box or bag in my cupboard – and we use them over and over again… some years I only put out the first 13 references for the first time we play the game or two. Either way – it’s such a fun and easy game and you can keep it handy so if you have an extra 15 minutes you can play a few rounds at any time.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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