Group wall post by Cheryl Elliott Belnap

By Cheryl Elliott Belnap

Cheryl Elliott Belnap


I just came up with a clever (I think) way of pairing kids up. Write sm scripture references and key words on individual post it notes and stick one under each chair. The kids locate their post it note and then have to find the mate to what’s written on their note. They become partners for what ever you are pairing them up for. Also we were in D&C 24 & 26 today and I had the kids trace their right hand on the chalkboard and write one thing they would do to better sustain our prophet- wish I had thought to put it on paper so it was lasting. But the kids liked it.

Karen Elizabeth


Very clever!!

Debbie Reynolds


❤️ this

Donna Marsh


Good idea!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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