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By Cathy Borchardt

Cathy Borchardt


THIS WORKED! Great for a flex day. I handed out 3×5 cards. On the top of each was a basic doctrine and a few extra topics ( I have 18 students). They picked a card, wrote a question a nonmember might have about it. Then they turned in the cards and then they picked a card again-not theirs-and wrote an answer based on scriptures or Gen Conf quotes. Then they read the question out loud and what they came up with as an answer. Then I asked if anyone had ever had that question asked of them, or did anyone have anything else they could add. It arms them for the moment those questions may come up. They were awesome!!

Rachel Young McClelland


maybe you could edit this post and put a flex day hashtag so it will be easy to find for us who need to use it later?

Sierra Armstrong


Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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