Group wall post by Carole Walter Jones

#dandc88 in vs 67 talking about "an eye single to my glory". Using this optical illusion. When you focus on the black dot in the very center (His glory), all the other colors (the world) fade away. Takes some practice to get all three colors to fade but keep trying....just like in our spiritual lives :)
I'd like to use this tomorrow but I can't seem to get the picture big enough. it stays about 4"x 4". Is there any way to make it bigger so when I attach it to a tv the whole class can see it?
Jeanette Brooks - I will be texting it to my students. They love any excuse to pull out their phones for a few minutes :)
I didn't even think of that... But I decided to post it to our Class FB page. Thanks for the idea though.
This was great, thank you!

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