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By Becky Mike Edwards Becky Mike Edwards:
What short Christmas videos do you like? I’m planning on playing some as part of a Christmas celebration day where my students share musical talents, talks, and testimonies. I love the new “He is the Gift” one, and the video about the Christmas Eve miracle in Belgium. I’d love to hear your ideas for Mormon Messages or other videos. #Christmas
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Amy Jones Griffeth: well I love “Christmas Day in the Morning” it’s a Pearl Buck story – it’s the story where the boy wakes up extra early and does all of the farm chores so his dad can watch his children open presents… so sweet. I also love Norah’s Christmas Gift…Mr. Kruegers Christmas is good but I almost like the message of Norah’s better (6 hours ago)

Kendra Holmstead: I love this video: (6 hours ago) 3

Jessi Tyner: Show the new music video…Angels We Have Heard on High-Guiness World Record with the Piano Guys! It is very powerful! (5 hours ago) 4

Becky Mike Edwards: Jessi Tyner, of course! I LOVE that video! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Don’t you wish you could see that one on a huge theater screen? Amazing. (5 hours ago) 1

Jessi Tyner: Yes…I would love to see it that big!! Thanks for all your great ideas Becky Mike Edwards! (5 hours ago)

Aimee Ross Eliason: Can someone please post the link to that video? (5 hours ago)

Becky Mike Edwards: Here you go Aimee. It’s awesome. I watched it in the Bountiful Temple parking lot with my husband and twin 12-year-olds. I became so touched by it that I forgot I was at the temple! Kinda funny. (5 hours ago) 2

Becky Mike Edwards: Aimee Ross Eliason, after you watch it I’d love to hear your response! (5 hours ago)

Angie Kent Rennie: This is my all-time favorite Christmas video! Everything is authentic, down to the chickens scratching & the flies buzzing in the stable. Beautiful. (5 hours ago)

Eileen Nessen Hock: It was beautiful. I can’t wait to share it with my family when we get together on Christmas. What a lovely gift! (5 hours ago)

Karen E Heil: The Coat -about Heber J. Grant giving his Christmas coat away. Animated but really touching. (5 hours ago) 1

Connie Ross Harrison: The Piano Guys and Read More

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