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By Angie Kent Rennie Angie Kent Rennie:
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At midnight before I taught this lesson, I had this activity come to me. Gotta be grateful for inspiration at whatever hour it comes! :) It was easy & fun – the kids seemed to enjoy it & it made them interact (release time class in Utah…) ;) It could easily be adapted for other lessons about unity & even the Priesthood.
I wanted to emphasize that gifts of the spirit are to benefit all Heavenly Father’s children, & to draw us closer together. On a piece of cardstock, I printed out a photo of a group of happy youth (use your class photo or google “lds youth” & look at images). Then on the other side I printed a jigsaw puzzle template, & cut out the pieces.
On the blank side each piece, I wrote a verse #. They worked in groups to find: 1) the spiritual gift in that verse & 2) a situation where that gift would be useful. Each group presented & then brought their piece up to the table. I then had one student put the puzzle together (with tape) while I went on with the lesson.
When the puzzle was done, I held it up with all the spiritual gifts, showing how all our gifts work together to testify of Christ. Then I turned it over to show the photo of the youth, & re-emphasized how our individual gifts are not for our own benefit, but to bless the lives of others, to draw us together, & to strengthen our faith.
The kids were surprised at the photo – none of them had even thought to look at the back of their puzzle piece! :D
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