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#scripturemastrey Anyone have a clue to remember the key phrase and reference to these scriptures? D&C 6:36 and D&C 25:13
My class has really enjoyed the "mad fans" cards.
Ever heard the joke "Why is 6 afraid of 7?" - "Because 7 8 9!"
Well 6 no longer has to fear...
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D&C:6 Look up, God will fix. D&C: 25 Covenants alive. These come from the SM Magic Square.
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Six in French sounds like "cease"; D&C 6: cease doubt. 25: keep covenants alive
We say: "Doctrine & Covenants section 6...doubt not, fear nix." For 25 we say, "Doctrine & Covenants 25...cleave to your covenants so you can thrive." They work like a charm! Love, love, love SMs.
I point out that the reference 6:36 is like a face. The sixes are eyes that remind us to look unto Christ. The 3 is a nose.
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Hey I was just going to say what Lydia said! That's what we do. Also, Keeping covenants helps you be clean in D&CD 25:13.
My kids came up with D&C6 Jesus Christ will fix and D&C 25 Keep your covenants alive.
Thoughts on Christ affix. D&C section Six. Then 25:13 my kids came up with on average people make a marriage covenant at 25 or they said the 13 looks like a hand cleaving to the iron rod.
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If we don't cleave unto the covenants, we won't make it to our 25th anniversary. The 13 Articles of Faith help us do that.
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Brilliant! Thanks all!
One of my students pointed out there was a street sign that said something like "drive 25 - keep kids alive" Great for D&C 25 "Keep Covenants alive"

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