Go To Scripture Mastery Games, please!

I'm in need of some help. I have two very fussy babies today and not a whole lot of time to comb through the Internet for a fun but effective Scripture mastery game. What are your go to games?

My objective is to help get through as many as possible since I feel we are a bit behind in Scripture mastery this year.
I like scriptionary which is like pictionary where they draw on the board a verse and get the class/teams to guess it. Helps them visually interpret the scriptures rather then just think of words
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An easy one that takes no preparation is what we like to call Stump the Chump. Each student takes a turn picking a clue and the others try to find it. I will usually give them a theme to the clues: catch phrase, verbs, subject matter, etc.
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we are playing a scripture match...on sticky notes, write the key word on one, and on another they reference...they have to find their matching partner. Or...Flyswatter, where you put the reference or key word on the board and two people come up...you give them the clue and they have to match it up....
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We do the dice game the kids love it .. I believe it was in the manual , 3-4 kids sit around the table , each with SM cards and paper , one pencil per table they roll the dice when they get a 6 they start writing the whole scripture the next student rolls as soon as the last person rolled when they get the 6 they grab the pencil and begin writing the scripture it's super fast paced and they get a chance to read and write the scripture over and over .., I'm certain it was in the Book of Mormon lesson manual :)
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Awesome ideas!
Fruit basket upset! Easy to prep. We did it for 10 min today.

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