Girls Camp Treats 2014

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We usually send treats up with the Bishopric to Girls Camp on their Bishopric Night. The Bishopric also bring their own treats (usually ice cream sundaes) but I like to send along reinforcements from the YW Presidency as well. Most of us in the Presidency haven’t been able to go along because of work, health, or other obligations, so we like the girls to know that we’re thinking of them. I also make one for each YW Leader who is there from our ward (whether they are there in a Ward or Stake capacity)

(Here is a post on what I did for camp treats last year)
We have one girl and one leader with Celiac disease (very serious gluten allergy), so I have to be careful about what I send. I don’t want anyone to feel left out. 
I’ve seen on Pinterest that Starburst candies are delicious when roasted over a campfire (like you would roast a marshmallow). I haven’t tried it myself, but it seemed like something the girls would like (and Starbursts are gluten-free).
I bought a couple of big bags of Starbursts and put several in some small jewelry-sized bags (I already had these, you can buy them at Walmart in the jewelry section).  For the bag sizes I had, 3 Starbursts fit inside perfectly.

I made instruction labels (I put them inside the bags) and name labels, then stapled them to the bags of candy with ribbon.

Easy and inexpensive!

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