Get To Know You Game Night

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We’ve got a few newer Beehives and a new 2nd Counselor in the YW Presidency, so the Beehive class presidency planned a “Get to know you” game night.

We picked some fun games (we got some of the ideas from the church’s new mutual planning site HERE). I didn’t want to do anything that would embarrass anyone, so we picked games that didn’t require anyone to be singled out. We had multiple games prepared. I find that one game is not going to last the whole time – or keep their attention even if it did last the entire activity. We called this activity “Get to know you” games because that was our purpose for the activity, but they weren’t really the usual get to know you games with ‘trivia’ about people, it was more just to have fun and feel more comfortable around each other.

Game #1- Knot game
Everyone stands in a circle and closes their eyes. They put their hands in the middle of the circle and grab someone else’s hand, until everyone is holding someone else’s hand (probably holding two different people’s hands – one with each of your hands). Then they open their eyes and everyone is in a big knot. They try to work together to twist around and climb over each other until everyone is untangled. 5-10 minutes

Game #2- Leadership/communication game
We had a table set up in the room. I put another table out in the hallway and arranged some items in a specific way. I had some paper plates, glue sticks, plastic forks, and some other things. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you have at least 2 of each item because you need to have the same materials on the table inside the room as you do on the table outside the room. For example, if you have 5 pencils in a circle on one table, you need to have 5 pencils to make a circle other table because they will be trying to duplicate the design you have made on the table the hall.

When you have the items arranged on the table in the hallway, have one girl come out to the hallway to observe the design. She then returns to the room to verbally explain to the others in her group how to replicate the design on the hallway table using the same materials in the room. This is relatively simple, but the girls loved this game and everyone wanted to take a turn (or two) being the “leader”. After the first turn (when I set up the hallway table), we also had girls take turns making the design in the hallway (and then they didn’t help with the replication of course). Make sure the girls who are leaders (describing the design to their team) know they can’t touch any items and they should try not to use their hands to describe the design. This was a lot harder than it looked!
You could do this altogether or make it a competition between several groups to see who can finish the fastest.

Game #3- Memory
A popular baby shower game- I brought an assortment of about 15 things from home (stapler, pack of gum, ctr ring, apple, etc) and arranged them on a small table while they were playing a previous game. I covered this table with a cloth so that the girls couldn’t see the items.When the cloth was removed, they had 1 minute to look at the items and try to memorize them, then I re-covered the items. Then I gave each of them a piece of paper and a pencil and they had 3 minutes to write down as many of the items that they could remember.  This was harder than they thought – nobody got all of them, but some girls got really close.

Game #4- The Web
One of the girls brought a ball of yarn. Everyone sat in around a large round table and the girl who started picked someone else at the table to give a compliment to, then tossed the ball to her (still holding the end of the yarn). Then the complimented girl picked another girl to compliment and the ball continues to be thrown until you run out. After just a few throws, the yarn begins to form a web. By the end, we had a really cool looking web!

Cost: $0 – we used items from home!
Purpose: Get more comfortable with new class members and leaders

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