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General Conference is almost here! The following is a game that helps you review and see how much they remember from General Conference. It will also help encourage them to watch Conference. Below is a PDF that has the rules in a bit more detail.
A quick summary of the game is that you assign students to make 4 multiple choice questions while they are watching General Conference. Then when you have seminary, you have the classroom set up like Family Feud and you play with the questions they provided. The instructions give the needed details.
Feel free to stop during the bowl, or after to discuss what inspired them.
Part of our charge as seminary teachers is to teach the words of the living Prophets. And there is no better time for this then General Conference. Because of our charge to teach the living Prophets, I’ve always given one day of makeup work for every hour they watch (and at least one page of notes for that hour). So all of our students would be able to make up 10 days (or hours) of makeup work in a short period of time. I let young ladies also count watching the Women’s Broadcast. Thank you to Linda Sutton for sharing this idea with me.

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