Fruit Basket Turnover and Human Tic Tac Toe

By Audrey Sizemore Frier

Audrey Sizemore Frier


An idea w/questions that was a big hit today!….I typed out DIFFERENT questions in the lesson in a certain section in Lesson #39 (you could do this w/ANY Lesson/Questions), then passed out all of the questions to ‘some’ of the students. All students were assigned a group….we had 3 groups/3 questions. They had to read the question and come up suggested answers in each group. When I said ‘fruit basket turn over’ everyone except the person given the question (The Reporter) would find a group they had not been in before. After switching (calling out ‘fruit basket turn over) 3 times, the person given the question (Reporter) read the question and gave the suggested answers. All participated in EACH question an all questions were answered correctly! EVERYONE participated and loved it!…this did not take long :) …Another way to have the students ‘willfully’ answer…
our Teaching No Greater Call Manuals have a ‘Creativity in the Classroom Section’. It explains how to have the students be ‘human tic tac toe‘….9 chairs in the center of the room…when someone from the (2) teams…X’s and O’s… answer a question correctly they could take a seat to try to make 3 across…diagonally…or up/down, just like on paper. They ALL wanted to answer the questions/share testimony etc to get a chair and try to block the other team…. I marked the X’s team w/ blue painters tape…I will definitely use these 2 ideas again! PS It goes fast so we played 3 times to finish the questions…winners 2 out 3 times won a lil snack baggie w/gummies and M & M’s…the ‘runners up’ got a snack baggie w/either gummies or M& M’s….at least that was the plan…Ole softy here ended up given whatever they wanted ;)

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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