By Colleen Stephenson
Colleen Stephenson:
We had a fun time today learning about #dandc56. After giving an overview of vrs. 1-13, i focused on vrs. 14-15 with the manual question “what attitudes prevent us from being pardoned or forgiven?” a: hearts are not satisfied, and we counsel (the Lord) in our own ways. We talked about what each of these meant and then thought of the principle to put on the board. “We need to listen to the Lord”. Our missionaries shared stories from their teenage years that became a change of heart for them. Simple tweaks that might seem insignificant UNTIL you apply them and realize the depth of what the Lord is trying to teach. WOW! light bulbs went off!

Then my niece (12 yrs old) taught us how to make these origami hearts. My wrap up was to talk about how each fold is a “tweak” that we make in our obedience to the Lord and it creates the blessings/love our Heavenly Father has for us as discussed in vrs. 18-20

What a wonderful day :)
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Colleen Stephenson: these hearts were made with colorful 6″ x 6″ origami papers. cut in half to make rectangles. (41 minutes ago)

Jeanette Brooks: I would have loved to have been there. Thanks for sharing! (12 minutes ago)

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