Follow The Plan

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This is for teaching the song I Will Follow God’s Plan.

POST “THE PLAN” on the board (a big poster board, or a bunch of papers with big text printed or written on it outlining all the steps of what we will do [see list below]).

TELL the kids we have to follow this plan to make sure we learn the song of the Month. We have to do every step in the plan to be able to learn the song. At some points there may be choices in the plan, but we have to do each step. (For the flipchart part I drew my own pictures, as seen here.)

(((    *You have to really interact with the kids to make sure this is going to work and get the point across. This isn’t one of those “just singing some songs” lessons, everyone has to feel involved. Have the kids direct you and make them feel like they are in charge of making sure you are following the plan! Make a big deal if kids jump ahead in the plan, or don’t follow the plan, or are following the plan. Really point out the plan and make everyone feel involved in it. (I hope this makes sense.)    )))

THE PLAN (check off each thing when you’ve done it):

  1. Listen to pianist play the song
  2. Sing only the last part from “I Will…”
  3. Jump up and down five times
  4. Sit down on your chair
  5. Put up all the pictures
  6. Sing the whole song!
  7. Take down two OR three pictures
  8. Sing the whole song!
  9. Take down some more pictures
  10. Hum or Clap the rhythm the whole song!
  11. Take down some more pictures
  12. Choose either: pat head 5 times OR pat tummy 5 times
  13. Sing the whole song!
  14. Listen to Sister Chorister

ASK, How did we learn this song? Did we follow the plan? Yes, we did! – and because we did we were able to learn the song like we were supposed to. Does anyone else have a plan for us? Yes, that’s right! Heavenly Father does!

EXPLAIN – this song is about following the plan Heavenly Father has for us. Where does HF’s plan for us begin? (in Heaven). And it continues on Earth! We are born to get a what? (a body). We make good choices in our life to stay close to HF. How do we walk in His way? (go to church, baptized, mission, married in temple…).

My “Plan” all typed up is the first few pages (1-8) of THIS GoogleDoc. Pages 9 to the end are this game, The Roadmap to Return
*GoogleDocs reformatted it a little bit from the original on my computer…
At this point you can end. Or, you can add on;
THIS LESSON, where you talk about some beautiful things that Heavenly Father has in store & “paint”a beautiful scene in their life’s plan with Primary Music Paintbrushes as they sing I Will Follow God’s Plan For Me.— “The Plan” Life Size Game

JR was into this. SR, not so much. Maybe because JR can’t read, so they were surprised by each thing we had to do. SR read ahead and they weren’t impressed, but they did it anyway. I could tell they were bored and tried to go fast through it.

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